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'Hi Leanne, Just wanted to let you know that the masks arrived the day before yesterday and they are beautiful! They will give me a reason to leave my house this weekend. ;) 



- Debra Stuart, January 2021


'I was delighted with the gorgeous gift you gave me. The colours and print are so gorgeous and receive many compliments. My family & friends whom I got masks and umbrellas for are all thrilled with their gifts. Lovely cheerful prints that they all love wearing. Did miss LFW, it was always lovely selecting scarves from you and chatting with you.

Take care and thanks again for the thoughtful surprise gift, I do appreciate it.'

- Corrina, September 2020


"I wanted to say thank you ever so much! I love the new masks, they are absolutely beautiful and I know I’m going to get a lot of comments when I wear one tomorrow. And thank you so much for the free gift, the tie scarf is stunning! It’s really made my day.


I certainly will be staying safe in style!

Thanks again."

- Sarah Mather, September 2020



"Dear Leanne


Thanks for sending the beautiful masks.  I am so pleased with them and silk is much more comfortable to wear than any other fabric.  I keep waiting for someone to admire them so that I can recommend you. Thanks also for the lovely little scarf which I’ve attached to my handbag and it gives me so much pleasure."


- Louise West, September 2020


"I absolutely love your work. I'm always singing your praises. I've been meaning to purchase a scarf for years and finally have I love it.  I will be looking to buy another soon most definitely."

- Karen Jolley, August 2020


"I just wanted to say that I am not the proud owner of 2 of your masks. They are lovely. Please let me know when and if you have any new designs out. Mine are purple orientated. Thanks again."

- Jane Wright, August 2020


"Just to say that my friend’s mum was thrilled with the scarf and mask and loved the colour, design and even packaging so just wanted to say a big thanks once more." 

- Aisling, August 2020

"The masks have been great for all of us. So much more comfortable than the medical ones and everyone tells me how lovely mine is…. Looking forward to when the new masks are ready."


- Sarah, August 2020

"I ordered them months ago and love them. Need to order some more as I think this will be the fashion for a while! Your design and work is amazing. I have one of your scarves I keep on my travel tote (as I used to travel a lot). Keep happy safe and well xx"

- Annsley Merelle Ward, August 2020

I just got my Masks and they are gorgeous!!! I’ll just order some more ( as gifts, so with boxes ) and you can get them to me when you can. No stress... Ever thought of adapting your art to very high end bedspreads ? I think you have incredible talent.


- Nicole Debson, July 2020

'Thank you for the email... your face masks are fab and so comfortable... I see the Patterned face masks are sold out will u be getting more in as I want to order another one soon.'

- Dominique 

"Received my masks and they are lovely! So soft and doing my skin the world of good! 

Thank you!!"

- Carly Skentelbery, July 2020

"I have given out the two umbrellas as birthday presents and they have been very well received.  My daughter likes her silk face mask and it's the one she chooses to wear when we go out."

- Michelle McEwan, July 2020

"Thank you for my additional bonus mask...its hugely appreciated and personal touches like this are just lovely/always bring a tear (or several!!) to my eye!!"

- Tara Gunn, June 2020

"I took my mask out on a country walk today and it was great for my hay fever (which I suffer from really badly)... It was completely breathable and the lining feels really nice against your skin. It will definitely be put to good use when I have to go back to commuting."

- Gemma Ewen, May 2020

"Love my scarves... Beautiful, I love them. Will try to remember to Insta them!! Stay safe xxx"

"Thank you for hand delivering my purchases. I am delighted with them. I received one of your scarves as a Christmas present from my sister who works at Winstanley College, who thinks she remembers you from your time there. Loved it!  Purchased two of these as presents for friends and I couldn't help but treat myself to one too. I will be adding to my collection in the future. Your packaging makes them the most delightful gift. 
Kind regards" 

- Bev Callaghan

"Thank you Leanne.

You made it so easy in the video. I hope it will be as easy for me!

Wishing you continuous success in your adventure! Keep doing what you love!"


- Grace

"I received the scarf yesterday is so beautiful and presentation box/bag is awesome! I can't wait to wear it. Please add me to your customer mailing list Thank you so much .. I'll definitely be a repeat customer!"

- Fay

“Thank you for creating a unique and beautiful scarf for my Mum. To have something personalised with all her Children and Grandchildren’s names is such a special gift that she will cherish.”

- Dee Bowman 

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