The Leanne Claxton digital luxury scarf collection sees the artist’s dramatic oil paintings digitally transformed and printed to the highest possible quality and finish onto the finest fabrics. Each scarf starts life as a detailed graphite sketch which is then interpreted into an oil painting and screen print. Claxton Bespoke luxury scarves are hand-made in England. Each scarf is individually painted, treated, washed and hand finished. Bespoke scarves are a labour of love, and their individual marks and quirks ensure no two pieces are the same. This is a quintessential part of Claxton’s truly unique brand. Leanne Claxton is an artist with a passion for the outdoors, delighting in natural light, alfresco painting and the rainbow of colours and intricate details that nature offers. The paintings and accessories she creates are inspired by these elements at home and on her travels.

For that special event, memoir or gift, customers can commission Claxton to create a one-off unique luxury scarf designed to their individual specifications. Claxton bespoke is an exclusive service to both private and corporate clients.

Creating your luxury bespoke scarf begins with a consultation to firstly discuss the different digital, screen and direct hand painted printing processes. Suggestions of artwork from Claxton’s archive will be made, moodboard created, colour palettes, special messages, logos, and different fabrics will be discussed and recommended to suit your needs. It is a lengthy and intricate procedure. Every creative process is all done by hand ‘in-house’ made in England.

Claxton Bespoke was derived from Leanne’s love of painting using vibrant colours and energetic brush strokes onto silks and wanting to create pieces that are completely personal to the client. In contrast to the world of disposable fast fashion, Leanne offers a unique service whereby the scarf can be worn as an art piece and cherished making it timeless.

For us happiness is all about highlighting nature’s little details. Pretty flowers, bright colours and luxury fabric make us smile. We hope in commissioning our designs you can share in our smile too.

All Claxton bespoke scarves come packaged in a beautiful box and reusable branded bag accompanied with a leaflet of different ways you can wear a scarf.

Production time and order minimums will vary per client and it is recommended especially for your special wedding day that you make a complimentary appointment early as the process can take between 8-12 weeks.


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