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‘Dinali Pink’ Luxury Silk Oversized Scarf


100% silk crepe de chine. All Claxton scarves come packaged in a beautiful box and reusable branded bag accompanied with a leaflet of different ways you can wear a scarf. Designed in England and has a printed designer signature.

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‘Dinali Pink’ Luxury Silk Oversized Scarf is a print taken from a series of oil painted canvases by Leanne Claxton. Each painting is digitally transformed and printed onto the highest quality fabrics. Digital print allows the artist to capture the rainbow of kaleidoscopic colour and intricate detail within the original oil paintings.  
  • 100% Silk Crepe De Chine
  • 130cm x 130cm
  • Hand rolled hem
  • Dry clean only
  • Designed in England, printed designer signature
  • All scarf artworks are taken from Claxton’s original oil paintings
  INSPIRATION The summer 2016 collection, Ephemeral, is an investigation into the traditional offerings to the gods seen in countries such as Bali and Sri Lanka. The beautiful daily offerings are transitory, lasting only a short time, but are art pieces in themselves, representing moments in time, cycles of change. Offerings are made several times a day and placed in front of temples, shrines, houses, offices, shops and even on cars in order to please the gods and also placate bad spirits. The collection Ephemeral aims to capture this beauty in a moment in time and transform these intricate creations into timeless artworks.   PALETTE Claxton’s colour palette for summer 2016 is in contrast to her original inspiration. She has transformed the sketches of bold exotic florals observed in Sri Lanka with a more romantic, atmospheric palette of soft lavender, springbud greens, blossom pinks and graphite greys that are inspired by the natural world closer to home in Lancashire. Her original marks made in graphite and pencil are still visible, wrapped in glowing painterly shades. This collection represents a blending together of the nature and culture of two very different worlds, both that have inspired the artist.   WEARABLE ART These versatile designs are made up into well considered sizes and shapes to be worn as a classic neck scarf, headscarf, sarong, tied to a bag or even worn as a belt or to embellish any outfit or look.
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